Why QuantumIS?

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  • Software Engineering

    We understand that investment in technology has become increasingly entangled with business risks. It is for this reason that QuantumIS focuses our technology expertise on complementing the vision and goals of our clients.

  • Big Data and Analytics

    There are two challenges facing the implementation of big data in enterprises. How to collect and store the large amounts of data and then how to analyze the data. Without the technology to store the data there is no Big data. Without the ability to make sense of the data we can not draw conclusions from the data

  • Database Services

    Our database services include Performance tuning, database upgrades, database consolidation, business intelligence and data modeling. Our database team consists of certified and senior experts in MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and Sybase.

  • BPM and Program and Project Management

    QuantumIS assists companies in applying proven BPI methodologies and linking these processes to the organizations priorities.

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